Area XI Association
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Ag Teachers Committee Members

Area XI State Committee Members

ATAT Board of Directors

Troy Oliver (Sealy) - ATAT President

Jayson Hill (East Bernard)

Christy Tobola (Bellville)

Casey Wilson (El Campo)

Roxanne Zahradnik (Columbus)


Below is a list of Area XI State Committee Chairs

CDE - Ralph Stokley & Chris Veselka

LDE - Troy Oliver & Christy Tobola

Scholarship - Jason Woods & GW Krasucky

Animal Industries (Stockshow) - Jacob Deizi & Aaron Wilson

Animal Industries (Ag Mech) - Dustin Adams & Ben Burkhalter

Animal Industries (Competitive Events) - Casey Wilson & Wesley Fehrle

Ag Mech - Cody Witnoski & Mike Rempe

Tractor Tech - Charlie James & Ashley Bishop

Horticulture - Courtney Veselka & Christy Tobola

State Awards - Liz Treptow & Christy Capps

Rodeo - Ashley Bishop & Shannon Watson

Wildlife - Brad Lux & Chris Veselka

Ag Science Fair - Tiffany Waits & Kayla Guelker

Speaking - Hannah Borden & Sarah Robertson

Courtsey Corps - Megan O'Brien

State Planning - Roxanne Zahradnik & Tim Wiley

Area Midwinter - Mallory Haas, Amanda Spacek & Christy Capps

Area Officer Selection Coordinator - Amy Hartman

State Officer Travel Coordinator - Haley Dalrymple







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